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Visit the 360 Productions website which features all the services we offer, including aerial video photos and Aerial 360 Virtual Tours. The 360 South Africa website is a large collection of hundreds of Virtual Tours we have created over 5 years in South Africa.

Virtual Tours for iPad and iPhone

We have all seen how iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and other mobile devices and smart phones have become an ever more popular means of accessing the internet. To stay ahead of the industry, and push our ideal of making Virtual Tours available and accessible to the masses, we now offer support for iPad, iPhones, iPod Touch, as well as Android devices.

Try out the Gyroscopic Control Feature!

One fun feature of many of the new mobile phones and tablets is the built in Gyroscopic Control (or gyro control for short). This allows the viewer to control the view by just moving the phone / tablet around. The image on screen moves as you move!

Works in the Mobile Web Browser!

There is no need to download an app to make it work, simply browse to one of out websites, or one of our clients websites which display their Virtual Tour, and the features above will "just work".

Very Cool - But Does it Really Matter?

Yes it does. We are very excited by the every growing mobile traffic on our Virtual Tours. This is a fun medium that is easily accessible to people on the move. Visitors are not restricted to sitting at a desk to browse the website and enjoy the Virtual Tour. Experts say that this is just the beginning of the mobile revolution, and as devices become more advanced, and the masses get access to powerful mobile devices, the future looks to be a very mobile one.

"We are proud to be the market leaders in support mobile viewing"


PS: Fact or just marketing bumf? After this article was published, a number of other websites now also claim to support for mobile viewing of Virtual Tours, however after simple tests it was found that none of the samples or recent work actually does support mobile viewing. We know from first hand experience that it takes a lot of hard work and tweaking to achieve acceptable level of support for mobile access, and we encourage all providers to work towards supporting mobile, but please do not make unsubstantiated or false claims. Clients, please do not be fooled. TEST for yourself, and know what you are buying.