Which Type of Virtual Tour is Right for Me?

At 360 SA we create the Premium Quality Virtual Tours which offer the best possible image quality, but also takes the most time and skill to create.

Photo QualityCapture SpeedPost-Processing3D modelCostHidden CostsTypical Uses
1 Shot Virtual Tours (DIY camera)LowFastFastOptional ExtraLow
(DIY – R2k)
noneReal Estate , small business
Premium 360 Virtual Tours (DSLR camera)BEST Quality ImagesSlowSlowOptional ExtraHigh
(R2k – R20k)
noneMuseums , Hotels , Business , Upmarket Real Estate
3D Virtual Tours
MediumFastFastYes (Automatic) Medium
(R2k – R4k)
monthly subscriptionReal Estate agents , 3D VR
360 Video Tours
(1 shot camera)
(R1k – R3k)
noneGymmick , Social Media

For Real Estate the 1 shot Virtual Tours are usually good enough to show the property, and many agents like the 3D Virtual Tours which also include a 3D “doll house” and offer the ability to measure the room and floor plans.

We offer the Premium 360 Virtual Tour which comes at the highest cost and provides the highest quality possible.

Types of Virtual Tours?

1 shot Virtual Tours (often DIY) are created using a camera that takes a full 360 degree photo in just 1 shot! This is the fastest way to produce a 360 degree photo for a Virtual Tour. The quality of these images is poor to reasonable, but not wonderful. Cameras cost R4000 to R2000 for consumer grade 1 shot cameras. Commonly used for real estate agents.

Premium High Quality Virtual Tours are created with a professional photo cameras (DSLR or Mirrorless camera) with a very wide angle fisheye lens, taking a series of photos in all directions, and then stitching them together later with computer software. The digital sensor on these cameras produce by far the best quality final Virtual Tour images, but it takes much more skill and time to process these images so the cost for these type of Virtual Tour is usually much higher. Commonly used for Museums, Hotels, showrooms, very high end real estate.

3D Virtual Tours are created with a liar scanner or a 1 shot camera and software such as Matterport. The software creates a 3D model which can be viewed as a “doll house” 3D model, and can also be viewed as a traditional 360 Virtual Tour. Certain 1 shot cameras can create these tours, others need lidar scanners. The image quality is medium, and there are often missing parts (black areas that can’t be scanned well).

360 Video Tours or virtual walks are created with a 1 shot camera using its video mode. The video can be loaded into YouTube, and you can click and drag to look around in any direction while the video is playing. The quality is the lowest of all the options, but the experience can be the most engaging. Very fast and easy to create. Consumer grade cameras that create this cost R4000 to R30000.

Google Street View is a platform where your Virtual Tour can be shared with the world, and attract attention to your business. It is free to put your 360 Virtual Tour into the Google Street View service, but you will need a photographer to create the 360 images and upload them for you.

How Much Does A 360 Virtual Tour Cost?

Anything from R500 – R20 000 is the short answer, for a typical business or property Virtual Tour. It really depends on the size of the project and the type of Virtual Tour.

R500 – R2000 – The cheapest is the 1 Shot Virtual Tour which can take 1 hour to photograph and 1 hour to build the Virtual Tour using cellphone app or a computer. Real Estate agents often buy their own 1 shot cameras to produce their own 1 Shot Virtual Tours in house, DIY.

R1000 – R4000 – A 3D Virtual Tour created with Matterport or MetaReal is done by live scanning directly into a 3D model. Takes about 2 hours to scan a house and the software runs on a cellphone or iPad. Usually little if any work afterwards.

R2000 – R20k – A Premium Virtual Tour is the best best image quality and takes the most time and skills. About 1-4 hours to photograph and 5-50 hours of skilled computer work (stitching and photo post processing images). The cost is high because of the amount of work and skill required, but the excellent image quality of the final product is worth it for premium clients.

R500 – R2000 – The Google Street View platform is the best place to share your Virtual, Tour with the world.

How to Get Millions of Views on My Virtual Tour?

50 – 500 views per month – We put your new Virtual Tour on your own website.

50 – 2000 views per month – We put your new Virtual Tour on Facebook.

1000 – 20000 views per month – We put your new Virtual Tour on Google Maps Street View, which is used by millions of people daily, and attracts the most attention and views. Your business will be visible on everything from Google search results to your business profile listing, as well as Google Maps and Google Earth, and promoted on cellphones search nearby! The traffic generated is massive and free!

With all our Premium Virtual Tour packages we will assist you to publish your Virtual Tour on all these platforms to get the most exposure for your 360 Virtual Tour, and drive more business to you.

We are a husband and wife team, and have created hundreds of premium quality 360 Virtual Tours since 2008. 

We look forward to working with you.

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