Virtual Tour Features

Enhance your 360 Virtual Tour with these add on features.

We deliver quality productions on time and on budget

Quality guaranteed

Free Standard Features

These features are included free of charge in all our premium quality Virtual Tours:

Custom Branding

Your company logo will appear in a prominent position to promote brand awareness with clients as they view the Virtual Tour.

Responsive Design

Compatible with tablets, smart phones and computers, your Virtual Tour will work on all common devices.

Enhanced with Photoshop

All images are carefully crafted in Photoshop to bring out the best colour and best image quality.

We do not just scan your property, we use professional DSLR cameras and post processing techniques to ensure the very best image quality.

Custom Floor Plans & Maps

Clients can navigate around your Virtual Tour using the custom Floor Plan or Map. This can be very useful to quickly orientate yourself.

Optional Add On Features

These features are optional Add On features available at a small additional fee:

Audio Voice Over

Click the orange voice over button and the audio voice will describe the scene to you.

Few people like to read lots of text, so the audio voice over is far more welcome and keeps the client engaged.

Embedded Videos

Click the play button and video will play inside the Virtual Tour.

This makes the Virtual Tour even more interactive and keeps clients engaged for longer.

Auto Walkthrough

Click the play button and the auto walkthrough takes you through every scene of the Virtual Tour, showing you all the points of interest along the way.

This feature is very useful to those with less technical skills.

HD Video Walkthrough in YouTube

We create an HD video for you from Virtual Tour images and upload it to YouTube.

This reaches a wider audience.

Add to Google Street View

As an approved Google Street View Trusted Photographer , we can upload the 360 images of your business for you, to Google Street View and Google Maps.

Virtual Tour Features

Included free with all
Premium Virtual Tours
Optional Add Ons
(small additional fee)
Each image is carefully edited in Photoshop for best image quality.Yes
Responsive Design (works on tablets, phones and computers)Yes
Custom Branding (your logo prominently featured)Yes
Custom Floor Plans & MapsYes
Audio Voice Overs (created by us with a professional field recorder)Optional
Embedded Music (supplied / created by us)Optional
Embedded Videos (supplied / created by us)Optional
Automatic WalkthroughOptional
Video Walkthrough in YouTube (HD video of the Virtual Tour walkthrough)Optional
Publish 360 images to Google Street View & Google MapsOptional

We are a husband and wife team, and have created hundreds of premium quality 360 Virtual Tours since 2008. 

We look forward to working with you.

Based in Pretoria. 

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